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Federal DC24

Federal DC24

Intended Use: 4WD Deep Cycle, Caravan and Motorhome, Electric Vehicles, Fishing Craft, Leisure Craft, Scissor Lifts, Trolling Craft and Wake and Ski Craft.


We do not hold stock of every battery due to our wide range of battery brands available. Please call us on 07 3277 6363 or email us at for availability.


Pick up from Archerfield, Brisbane. Delivery options are available at a surcharge.

  • Details

    Series : MARINE

    Technology: FLOODED

    Application: DEEP CYCLE

    Voltage: 12

    CCA: 500

    Amp/Hr: 75

    Reserve Capacity: 130

    Length (mm): 273

    Width (mm): 171

    Height (mm): 238

    Weight (Kg): 20.5
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